A professional natural product based on colloidal silver for daily skin care of bedridden patients and the prevention of bedsores.
It has a bactericidal, healing, antiseptic and antifungal effect. The enhanced formula of the lotion creates a stable, prolonged effect.

Antibacterial care with colloidal silver

Volume: 200 ml

  • Fast disinfection

  • Relieves irritation

  • Long lasting protection

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    • effective for all forms of psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, bedsores, diaper rash
    • has a bactericidal and healing effect
    • neutralizes odors
    • disinfects the skin
    • cleanses and tones the skin
    • prevents the formation of inflammatory processes
    • accelerates cell regeneration processes
    • comprehensive restoration of skin structure
    • relieves skin irritation and redness
    • moisturizes the skin and restores its comfort


    Spray externally onto problem areas of the skin from a distance of 20-30 cm until the skin is moisturized. Wait until completely dry. Do not rinse off. Apply the spray to cleansed skin in areas prone to bedsores (sacrum, back, elbows, heel area). Spray on dressings, bandages, diapers to treat them before use and moisturize them during use. Wipe the body of a bedridden patient with a napkin moistened with a solution.
    For prevention, apply to the skin three times a day until the problem areas are completely restored to their normal state.

    Ingredients: distilled water, colloidal silver, propolis extract
    Natural composition, without preservatives, does not require rinsing.

    Storage conditions:  +8 to +25 °C

    Shelf life:  3 years from the date of manufacture

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