A new generation organic disinfectant based on nanosilver with a long, prolonged action that effectively destroys health-threatening infections, viruses, bacteria, fungi – the cause of diseases and unpleasant odors.

Comprehensive care with nanosilver for bedridden patients.
Neutralization of odors.

Volume: 200 ml

  • Comprehensive care for bedridden patients

  • Neutralization of odors

  • Long lasting action

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    • for disinfection of indoor surfaces, furniture, equipment, underwear and bed linen, dishes, patient care items
    • for hygienic treatment of hands of medical personnel
    • for indoor air disinfection
    • for fast disinfection of surfaces
    • has an antibacterial effect
    • destroys pathogenic microorganisms
    • prevents the proliferation of bacteria and viruses
    • prevents infection by fungal diseases
    • removes unpleasant odors and their causes
    • forms a bactericidal film on the treated surface
    • prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions
    • safe for respiratory organs
    • leaves no traces of processing
    • environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic
    • long-lasting prolonged protection


    Spray externally onto problem areas of the skin from a distance of 20-30 cm. Surface treatment by wiping or irrigation, air treatment by irrigation. Processing can be carried out in the presence of people. After treatment, rinsing off the surface and ventilating the room is not required. The product can be used for objects made of any materials.

    Ingredients: nanosilver (active ingredient), deionized water, functional additives.
    Hypoallergenic natural composition, colorless and odorless, without preservatives, does not require rinsing.

    Storage conditions:  +8 to +25 °C

    Shelf life:  3 years from the date of manufacture

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