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Коллоидное серебро ArgitosКоллоидное серебро ArgitosКоллоидное серебро Argitos

Areas of use

ARGITOS nanosilver is a highly effective universal biocide of a new generation.

Our scientific and commercial interests are focused on the use of ARGITOS nanosilver in industry as biocidal nanoadditives, preservatives, in the production of disinfectants, medical and veterinary drugs, personal hygiene products, and medicinal cosmetics.
The exceptional importance of nanosilver is based on its ability to destroy many types of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our successes in the field of nanotechnology have made it possible to greatly enhance the biocidal effect of silver nanoparticles, as well as expand its use in various fields, for example, in the production of paints and varnishes, the production of plastics, household chemicals, packaging and containers, water purification products, etc.

ARGITOS nanosilver is intended for use as:
• biocide (against bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, algae);
• disinfectant;
• preservative;
• means for washing technological equipment in production.


Application of ARGITOS nanosilver in industry

Применение коллоидного серебра в производстве строительных материалов

Production of construction and finishing materials

Production of household chemicals

Production of perfumery and cosmetic products

Production of disinfectants

Production of wood preservatives

Production of medical products

Production of packaging and containers

Polymer production

Filter production

Production of veterinary drugs

Production of plant protection products

Production of water disinfectants

Production of sealants

Production of cutting fluids

Production of textile fibers and materials

Production of personal care products

Production of pulp and paper products

Production of genuine leather and leather products