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Nanotechnology – general concepts

Nanotechnology is a modern scientific and technical area of working with matter at the level of individual atoms, which allows for much deeper use of the potential properties of materials and the use of new technologies for most aspects of human life. Advances in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies…
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Dangerous bacteria found on smartphones

Researchers from the Western University in Sao Paulo (Brazil) found a lot of bacteria on the smartphones of medical students that are dangerous both for the medical staff and for the patients. Scientists collected swabs from the surfaces of 100 mobile phones of students from the faculties of biomedicine, pharmacology,…
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History of silver use

Silver has been known to mankind for over 5 thousand years as a powerful natural antimicrobial agent. All known civilizations have used silver to treat and prevent diseases. Since ancient times, humanity has used the antimicrobial properties of silver in the manufacture of household items. Thanks to its disinfecting effect,…
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Can colloidal silver treat psoriasis?

Although psoriasis is not a life-threatening disease, it can greatly affect your appearance and quality of life. Colloidal silver is another alternative therapy that can be used to treat psoriasis. Colloidal silver is a mineral that has strong antibiotic activity. It is considered a powerful remedy that can fight fungi,…
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How to rid the body of mushrooms

Mushrooms are the most ancient, almost eternal substance. It is very, very difficult to eradicate mushrooms from the human body. If the fungus has already settled in and, relatively speaking, has developed its mycelium, then quite complex problems arise. There are different types of mushrooms. There are supposedly noble mushrooms,…
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