Concentrated natural product based on colloidal silver for effective cleansing of the interdental space and gums using an oral irrigator and providing a long-term bactericidal effect.

Colloidal silver is a natural antiseptic.


Volume: 250 ml

  • Protects against infections

  • Eliminates discomfort

  • Destroys pathogenic microflora

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    • for daily oral hygiene;
    • prevents the formation of dental plaque;
    • cleanses the most remote areas of the mouth;
    • protects the oral cavity from bacterial infections;
    • helps prevent periodontal disease, gingivitis, stomatitis;
    • eliminates bleeding and gum inflammation;
    • prevents the development of the infectious process;
    • does not cause allergies;
    • Provides long-lasting fresh breath.

    ARGITOS DENT irrigator liquid can be used for the following categories:

    • professional concentrates;
    • household solutions for special purposes;
    • home remedies.

    Professional concentrate for the ARGITOS DENT irrigator is used by dentists in hospital settings. It can be used for treatment or in the postoperative period.

    The solution for a household irrigator can be used:

    • for the treatment of periodontitis, reducing bleeding gums;
    • hypoallergenic composition for sensitive teeth;
    • mint extract is used to eliminate bad breath.

    This liquid is recommended for use by people who have dental structures of various types installed.

    Liquid for the ARGITOS DENT irrigator significantly increases the beneficial effect of using the irrigator. It effectively cleanses and improves the health of the oral cavity, prevents the formation of plaque and the proliferation of pathogenic microbes.


    Dilute liquid for the ARGITOS DENT irrigator with water in a ratio of 1:10. Pour the resulting solution into the container of an irrigator for irrigation of the oral cavity and use according to the instructions for the device. Use twice a day after meals. The resulting solution can be used independently – as a regular mouth rinse. Safe if accidentally swallowed!                                                                       

    Ingredients:  specially purified water, colloidal silver, mint extract.

    100% natural active ingredients.                                                                                              

    Storage conditions:  +8 to +25 °C

    Shelf life:  3 years from the date of manufacture.

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