ARGITOS DEZ has bactericidal activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, virucidal and fungicidal activity. A
new generation organic disinfectant based on nanosilver with a long, prolonged action.

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Volume: 1l, 10l

  • Organic disinfectant

  • For use in disinfection booths

  • Approved by Rospotrebnadzor

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    The product “ARGITOS DEZ” has bactericidal activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mycobacterium terrae); virucidal and fungicidal activity. The product is characterized by a residual antimicrobial effect.


    • for disinfection of indoor surfaces, hard furniture, sanitary equipment, linen, dishes, cleaning materials, patient care items
    • for general cleaning
    • for disinfection of medical equipment and medical devices
    • for disinfection combined with pre-sterilization cleaning of medical devices, including flexible and rigid endoscopes
    • for high-level disinfection of endoscopic equipment
    • sterilization
    • for hygienic treatment of the hands of medical personnel in medical institutions, as well as in all areas of human activity
    • for fast disinfection of surfaces and hard-to-reach places
    • for disinfection of indoor air, air conditioners and air conditioning systems

    Composition of the disinfectant:

    • nanosilver (active ingredient)
    • deionized water
    • functional additives

    The disinfectant is intended for current, final and preventive disinfection, general cleaning in:

    • healthcare institutions (surgical, intensive care, therapeutic, obstetric, gynecological and neonatological, ophthalmic, children’s, physiotherapeutic, pathological institutions, dental clinics, outpatient clinics, clinics, rehabilitation, perinatal, reproductive centers, diagnostic laboratories, ambulance and emergency medical care stations, donor centers , blood transfusion points, hospices, catering units, food distribution points, etc.
    • medical and sanitary units, paramedic-obstetric and medical stations
    • laboratories of various subordination
    • pharmacies, pharmacy points, pharmacy warehouses
    • sanatoriums, dispensaries, rest homes
    • children’s preschool institutions, educational institutions of different levels of accreditation
    • enterprises of the perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, microbiological and biotechnological industries
    • enterprises of the food and processing industry (dairy, confectionery, meat processing, production of soft drinks, restaurants and trade, markets
    • all types of transport (public, railway, sea, river, road, air, subway), train stations, airports
    • banking institutions, communication institutions
    • water supply facilities
    • sports and recreational institutions (sports complexes, swimming pools, fitness clubs, etc.)
    • public service facilities (hotels, campsites, hostels, hairdressers, dry cleaners, cosmetology clinics and salons, solariums, SPA centers, massage parlors, laundries, baths and saunas, water parks, etc.)
    • institutions of the penitentiary system
    • social protection institutions
    • military units, units of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations
    • industrial enterprises, warehouses and storage facilities, including paper archives, food storage, hygiene items
    • emergency zones
    • foci of infectious diseases
    • other epidemically significant facilities, the activities of which require disinfection work in accordance with current sanitary and hygienic and anti-epidemic norms and rules, normative and methodological documents
    • air disinfection by spraying at various objects, preventive disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems (household air conditioners, split systems, multi-zone split systems, rooftop air conditioners, ventilation filters, air ducts, etc.)
    • disinfection of premises and equipment in public catering establishments (including those in contact with food), food trade, consumer markets, communal facilities, hotels, hostels
    • disinfection of premises, equipment, tools, workwear, air of hairdressing salons, massage and beauty salons, beauty salons, laundries, clubs, sanitary inspection rooms and other public service facilities
    • aerosol disinfection with “cold fog” with adjustable particle size of 5-30 micrometers using air and surface aerosol generators

    Disinfection with “cold fog”

    A “cold fog” generator is a device that creates a fog cloud using the dispersion method, which is the grinding of larger particles into small ones.

    The essence of the method is that inside the generator, under the influence of hydraulic pressure and the aerodynamic force of the air, the liquid with the disinfectant is drawn into air jets, which are subsequently broken into small drops under the influence of surface tension. In simple terms, a disinfectant solution is injected into the air under pressure, which turns into a foggy cloud. Microdroplets of fog are evenly distributed over the treated surfaces. The “cold fog” droplets are finer than in a hand sprayer (about 50 microns). They are evenly distributed over the treated surfaces, settle in the room, penetrating into all the cracks.

    Treatment of surfaces by wiping or irrigation (using a hand sprayer from a distance of 30 cm until complete wetting) is carried out in the presence of people while observing consumption standards (no more than 50 ml/m2). After treatment, rinsing off the surface and ventilating the room is not required. The product can be used for objects made of any materials.

    Release form and physicochemical properties of the disinfectant.

    “ARGITOS DEZ” product is a transparent, colorless and odorless solution. It is a suspension of tiny charged silver nanoparticles in deionized water. The product mixes well with water in any proportions. The shelf life of the drug is 3 years, working solutions – 7 days in a place protected from direct sunlight and heat.

    The product “ARGITOS DEZ” is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and absolutely harmless to humans, animals, plants and living beings with a multicellular structure. Refers to low-hazard substances (hazard class 4 according to GOST 12.1.007-76).

    Precautionary measures: when carrying out any work, avoid getting the product into your eyes. The preparation of working solutions, disinfection of products and storage of solutions can be carried out in rooms not equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation. All work with the product should be carried out using personal protective equipment, without the use of respiratory protection.

    Storage conditions: store in a closed warehouse at a temperature of +2 to +50 °C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Store in sealed manufacturer’s packaging out of the reach of children.

    Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

    Additional information

    Weight 1,0 kg
    Dimensions 9,0 × 9,0 × 24,0 cm

    10L, 1L