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Contract manufacturing

The scientific and production enterprise ” NANOSPHERE ” specializes in the field of nanobiotechnologies. We are engaged in the development and production of colloidal nanosilver, biocidal additives, disinfectants, disinfectants, antiseptics, medicinal cosmetics, personal care products, veterinary drugs, plant protection products and other drugs under the ARGITOS brand  .

We offer distributors, pharmacy and retail chains contract production of products under your brand from concept development to release of the finished product. 

The advantage of cooperation with the NANOSPHERE company is an affordable wholesale price, production of products in the shortest possible time, the minimum batch of products is 1000 pcs.

The company helps in the development and production of branded labels for customer products.
Our own scientific developments allow us to create an assortment of your products based on colloidal nanosilver and design them under our own brand, without investing in the purchase of our own production.

When manufacturing products to order, we take into account all the details of your wishes, guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations and produce a high-quality product.

In order to launch the production of custom products, it is necessary to decide on the type of product and formulate the idea of ​​the product itself, then a recipe is developed taking into account the prices of raw materials and the cost of the final product, then the future shape and consistency are formed.

The next stage is to create a small batch of samples for testing and further adjustment by the customer. After finalization and approval of the product, a batch is produced for testing in a microbiological laboratory and certification of the product. When all checks have been passed and certificates have been received, raw materials are purchased and production is started in accordance with the approved sample.

We will bring your ideas to life

The company’s scientific laboratory and highly qualified specialists implement your ideas into the final product.

You receive high quality products

We have extensive manufacturing experience – we have been developing and producing new products for more than 8 years. Manufactured products are of high quality with a long lasting effect.

We will provide marketing support

Development of packaging recommendations, design development, information on current market trends, recommendations on the range of products, ready-made and non-standard solutions and much more – all this will be available to you by cooperating with us. We will help you create the best product, because we are equally interested in its success.

Competitive prices

Our own raw materials, production and warehouse space, long-term contracts with packaging suppliers allow us to set competitive prices for contract manufacturing products with consistently high quality of innovative products.

We will provide logistics support

Our Customers are completely freed from the need to store raw materials, containers, and labels throughout the duration of the contract. All this is stored in our warehouse. We deliver finished products to the Customer’s warehouse.

Contract manufacturing allows you to create custom-made products in accordance with your requirements and capabilities. Thanks to our latest technologies and quality control system, cooperation with our company will be a long-awaited success.

We look forward to collaborating!