The biologically active substance ARGITOS BIOTIC 1.10 is used as an additional source of live probiotic bacteria to improve the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Volume: 40 ml

  • Effective for treating intestinal infections

  • Accelerated restoration of intestinal microflora

  • Suppresses the growth of pathogenic flora

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    The healing effect occurs due to the unique properties of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis, which, multiplying in the intestines, produce biologically active substances that suppress the growth and development of pathogenic and opportunistic microflora. As a result of this process, the microbial composition of the intestine is transformed to the evolutionarily established norm, its walls are cleansed of indigestible food debris, which promotes the active removal of toxins from the body and the unhindered delivery of biologically active and nutrients. Industrial strains of bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis are not elements of normal flora in the microbial communities of animals and humans, but have properties that provide the body with the ability to maintain microbocinosis at an ecologically natural level,

    When bacteria enter the gastrointestinal tract, they live in it for no more than 30 days, after which they are eliminated naturally. Bacteria of this type do not die in the stomach, since in their spore form they are highly resistant to the effects of gastric juice. Preventive therapy with the drug is appropriate for any disease, since these bacteria can solve very important problems – restore microbocinosis and optimize the functioning of the immune system. It is advisable to take preparations based on B. subtilis and B. licheniformis regularly orally, apply to the skin (baths are allowed), mucous membranes, it can get into the eyes and nose.


    ARGITOS BIOTIC 1.10 is administered orally. The frequency and duration of taking ARGITOS BIOTIC 1.10 is directly dependent on the condition of the body:

    1. To prevent diseases, it is recommended to take 8-10 drops (dissolve in ¼ glass of water). The course of treatment is 21 days. Take 2 per day (morning and evening) 30 minutes before meals. Shake the bottle before use. Repeat 30 days after completion of the course. Take regularly.
    2. In the presence of diseases, the dosage should be increased to 12-15 drops. The frequency of administration should be increased to 3 times a day (morning, lunch and evening). Shake the bottle before use. Take 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 21 days. Repeat 30 days after completion of the course.

    On the recommendation of a specialist, the dosage and duration of the course of treatment can be changed to achieve a therapeutic effect. The drug is not addictive. The drug is not a cure.

    Ingredients: Culture liquid of friendly, live spore-forming bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis , their metabolites, plant extracts and filler. Titer not less than 1×10 8 CFU/ml. No animal ingredients are used.

    Storage conditions:  +2 to +25 °C

    Shelf life:  2 years from the date of manufacture

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