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Nanosfera Research and Production Enterprise is a leader in nanobiotechnology in the development and production of colloidal nanosilver under the ARGITOS trademark and has reputation of a reliable and time-tested manufacturer.

We invite manufacturers to cooperate to produce their own innovative products with antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal properties based on nanosilver under our own brand.

Biocide Supplement "Nanosilver ARGITOS " is intended to be used as :

  • biocide (against bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae)
  • preservative
  • means for flushing technological equipment at the factory

Active ingredient Silver: CAS 7440-22-4, EC 231-131-3


ARGITOS Nanosilver Properties

Color: no color

Form: liquid

Odor: odorless

Size of silver nanoparticles, nm: 1-2 nm

Density (20 ° С), g / cm³: 1.05

Melting point, ° C: - 60

Boiling point, ° C: 187.4

Thermostability, ° C: up to 110

Operating ranges, pH: 3-10

Solubility in water (20 ° C): in any proportions

Foaming: non-foaming

Volatile content: none


Areas of application (recommended dosage as a biocide, in%):

Production of paints and varnishes:                                      0.5 - 1

Production of building and finishing materials:                   0.5 - 1

Production of household chemicals:                                     0.5 - 1

Production of perfumes and cosmetics:                              0.05 - 0.2

Production personal hygiene:                                               0.5 - 1

Production of packaging and containers:                             0.5 - 2

Polymer:                                                                                  0.5 - 2

Production of textile fibers and the material:                     0.5 - 2

Production disinfectants:                                                         1 - 10

Production of medicines:                                                      0.2 - 10

Manufacture of filters:                                                             1- 5

Production of veterinary drugs:                                             2 - 10

Production of plant protection products:                               1 - 10

Production of wood protection products:                           0.5 - 3

Production of water disinfectants:                                       0.5 - 1

Production of sealants:                                                         0.5 - 1

Production of cutting fluids:                                                1 - 5

Production of pulp and paper products:                          0.5 - 2

Water treatment:                                                               0.5 - 2

Production of genuine leather and leather products:          1 – 5


Recommendations for the use of ARGITOS nanosilver


Solubility: completely soluble in water and most polar organic solvents.

Operating pH Range: 3-10

Operating temperature range: up to 110 ° C

Compatible with modifiable materials: compatible with most materials

Effect on modifiable materials: at the recommended dosage does not impair the properties of modifiable materials



Toxicity to warm-blooded: low

Volatile content: none

Biodegradability: all components are fully biodegradable



The drug "Nanosilver ARGITOS" is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae.

Long prolonged action.

How to use

The mass concentration of nanosilver recommended by us is introduced into the composition of materials in a certain amount and thoroughly mixed. What kind of concentration of biocidal additives to choose is determined by the final manufacturer, based on its internal marketing policy and its considerations. Silver in any case works with a "large margin." Our recommended concentrations are optimally justified from all points of view: bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, safety for humans, cost of the final product, economic feasibility of use, etc.

Samples of the drug are provided for laboratory tests.


  • Technical specifications TU 2499-002-26915211-2014
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Expert opinion of the Research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor

Release form: The biocidal additive "Nanosilver ARGITOS" is available as a concentrate in sealed containers of 1 and 10 liters (canister )

Storage conditions: store in unopened containers at a temperature of +2 to 50 ° С

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Close cooperation on the implementation of our developments makes it possible to quickly move from testing to production.

You save your time because we offer only advanced technology.

Enjoy the benefits of working with us!

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