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NANOSPHERA company expands its dealer network and invites companies of any form of ownership, online stores, individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals to sell innovative natural products based on nanosilver under the ARGITOS trademark for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Nanosphere Research and Production Enterprise is a leader in the field of nanobiotechnology and has a reputation as a reliable and time-tested manufacturer of colloidal nanosilver, innovative disinfectants, antiseptics birds, medical cosmetics, personal care products and other preparations under the ARGITOS trademark.

We are constantly improving - we are developing new technologies, improving the formulas of drugs and creating new compositions. Each new product contains the knowledge, experience and high qualifications of our technologists.

All products are always available. Prompt delivery throughout Russia by transport companies at the choice of our partners.

We offer our partners :
• assortment of goods in stock in a warehouse in Moscow;
• flexible working conditions;
• an individual approach to each client;
• direct deliveries;
• personal pricing;
• timely notification of the movement of goods and execution of orders;
• full information support;
• receiving newsletters about new products, prices, promotions, availability of goods in stock;
• stock e certificates for the entire range of products offered.

Benefits of ARGITOS products:
• Innovative products.
• All products of our own production.
• Guaranteed. product quality.
• Affordable price, high profitability.
• Natural components
• Long-lasting prolonged effect
• Our support for your business.

Simple and clear entry into the business
We guarantee easy interaction at all stages of cooperation and offer individual conditions for creating reliable partnerships.

Pricing policy
The pricing strategy developed by the company is aimed at stimulating regional sales through the efforts of territorial dealers. Each partner is given a basic discount, which provides sufficient profitability to ensure its current operations and, at the same time, aims to work with wholesale and retail customers. You can obtain detailed information on cooperation with the company's managers.

Stable growth
The right marketing policy, modern sales technologies and the proven product ensure our partners sales growth. < br />
On an ongoing basis we carry out educational work among specialists, sellers and consumers. We talk in an accessible form about our products and their promotion technologies.

Marketing support
We carry out promotions, provide advertising materials in various formats.

Becoming a dealer, you get the opportunity to buy our products at wholesale prices, post information about your store on our corporate website in the section WHERE TO BUY, receive special offers, advertising information and service support from us, participate in joint promotions.

Join our team and appreciate the benefits of working with us!

To become our dealer of the NANOSPHERE company , call us on the phone:
+7 (495) 544-46-48 , +7 (910) 416-14-41 or fill out the form and send it to us:

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