Argitos Agro (concentrate), 115ml

Universal growth stimulator based on nanosilver.
Effective destruction of infections.

Brand Name: ARGITOS

The drug was developed using advanced nanobiotechnologies and green chemistry methods. Designed for environmentally friendly crop production without chemicals and poisons. Increases immunity to diseases and adverse environmental factors, increases productivity, improves product quality.

Advantages of the drug ARGITOS AGRO:
 • increases germination energy and seed germination;
 • activates the development of a powerful root system;
 • strengthens the immune system of plants;
 • contributes to the growth of biomass;
 • forms resistance to fungi and bacteria;
 • relieves stress in plants due to various factors (pesticidal load, freezing, drought, etc.);
 • provides an increase in productivity, improves product quality;
 • low hectare cost;
 • environmentally friendly technology due to the possibility of using the minimum consumption rate of fungicide;
 • lack of development of resistance of microorganisms.

Complex action
 • bacterial burn;
 • stem rust;
 • moldy seeds;
 • red-brown spotting;
 • root rot;
 • dusty and hard smut.

Mechanism of action

It is based on the ability of nanosilver to form in a plant a nonspecific, systemic, long-term (within 1-2 months) resistance to fungi, bacteria and activate growth and biological processes, which favorably affects the increase in productivity and improvement of product quality.

The mechanism of antibacterial and fungicidal action

Silver nanoparticles disrupt the membrane proteins of the pathogen cell - the pathogen is destroyed.

Silver nanoparticles increase the production of reactive oxygen species - the pathogen is suppressed, and the plant's immunity is increased.

Silver nanoparticles contained in the ARGITOS AGRO preparation are fixed and held on the cell walls of phytopathogenic microorganisms. Silver nanoparticles are oxidized and release silver ions, which disrupt the functioning of membrane proteins, especially transport proteins, which leads to the death of the pathogen. The gradual oxidation of silver nanoparticles provides a prolonged effect of the drug.

Colloidal nanosilver affects the metabolism, helps to increase the concentration of reactive oxygen species in plant tissues. Active forms of oxygen are one of the main factors of nonspecific plant immunity - they reduce the likelihood of infection and inhibit the development of pathogens.

Most pathogens are not able to withstand the complex effect of colloidal nanosilver. ARGITOS AGRO protects plants from many bacterial and fungal diseases, provided the average degree of development of the disease. In conditions of strong, including epiphytotic, development of the disease when used together with fungicides, ARGITOS AGRO significantly increases their effectiveness.

Mechanism for stimulating plant growth and strengthening photoimmunity

Colloidal nanosilver reduces the plant's sensitivity to ethylene, the hormone of aging, by inhibiting ethylene receptors, which prevents premature aging of the plant, and helps increase yield.

Colloidal nanosilver increases the concentration of endogenous auxins, growth hormones, in plant tissues due to the inhibition of enzymes responsible for the oxidation of auxins. Due to this, a powerful root system is formed, the growth and development of plants is enhanced.

The effect of silver on the plant’s enzyme system, hormonal balance and phytoimmunity is similar for most higher plants; therefore, ARGITOS AGRO is effective for stimulating the growth of a wide range of crops.

The procedure for preparing the working solution

The working solution is prepared immediately before spraying in tanks with mechanical mixers. To prepare the working solution, it is necessary to prepare the required amount of ARGITOS AGRO and filtered water in the ratio: 1: 500 (200 ml of ARGITOS AGRO concentrate and 99.8 l of water). Add ARGITOS AGRO to the prepared water and mix. The result is 100 l of working solution.

Requirements for the quality of water for the preparation of a working solution: when working with water from artesian sources (with the presence of sulfate ions in an increased concentration of more than 30-50 mg / l), it is recommended to use a stabilizer of a working solution.

Consumption of working solution ARGITOS AGRO:
 • during seed treatment - 10 l / ton
 • when processing vegetative plants - 200-300 l / ha
 • for fruit and berry crops - 800-1000 l / ha

Soaking seeds must be carried out 2-3 days before sowing.

Release form
The drug is available as a concentrate in sealed containers with a volume of 115ml, 200ml, 1 l, 10 l (canister).

Storage conditions
Store in closed containers at a temperature of +2 to 50 ° C.

Shelf life
3 years from the date of manufacture.


ARGITOS AGRO is effective in combating all types of fungi, and also destroys all known bacteria and viruses. Resistance of microorganisms is absent. And this means that ARGITOS AGRO does not require periodic replacement.

Natural and non-toxic drug ARGITOS AGRO destroys only pathogenic microflora and does not harm other bacteria. It is absolutely safe for humans, animals, plants, non-toxic (safety class 4).

The cost of processing 1 ton of seeds or grain is 150 rubles.

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