After sunblock serum ARGITOS

A natural cosmetic product based on nanosilver has an antibacterial, regenerating and soothing effect. Actively removes redness and irritation of the skin, moisturizes the skin, softens the effects of sunburn and visits to the solarium.

Hypoallergenic, colorless and odorless.

Brand Name: ARGITOS
Volume: 150 ml
Reference: N15003

 • for face and body;
 • quick help with sunburn;
 • calms, moisturizes and restores the skin;
 • relieves irritation and redness of the skin;
 • has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and healing effect;
 • for the skin reddened and tightened after the sun;
 • product for skin requiring special care;
 • comprehensive restoration of the skin structure;
 • accelerates cell regeneration processes;
 • anti aging skin caused by the sun.

Application: apply to dry, clean skin after tanning 2-3 times a day.

Ingredients: water of special purification, colloidal silver, propylene glycol, vitamin A, E, D-panthenol, aloe extract, ginseng, calendula, plantain, menthol.

Storage conditions: from +8 to +25 ° C.

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