ARGITOS Intimate Hygiene Spray

A natural cosmetic product based on nanosilver with a bactericidal effect to maintain healthy hygiene of the external genital organs, hygienic treatment of the skin and mucous membranes before and after intercourse, as well as after bathing in a pond, pool, visiting a bath.

Hypoallergenic, colorless and odorless.

Brand Name: ARGITOS
Volume: 150 ml
Reference: N15004

 • for daily intimate hygiene;
 • protects against bacterial infections;
 • destroys pathogenic microflora, eliminates inflammation and prevents their appearance;
 • supports the natural balance of microflora;
 • provides long-lasting freshness and protection;
 • protects the intimate area from unwanted odors;
 • supports effective mucosal protection;
 • protects intimate health at increased risk of infection: menstrual cycle, pregnancy, change of sexual partners;
 • has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect;
 • relieves inflammation, irritation, itching.


Spray daily on intimate places after hygiene procedures, spray on underwear, sanitary pads, tampons.

Ingredients: water of special purification, colloidal silver, propylene glycol, lactic acid, vitamin E, aloe extract, calendula, chamomile, sage.

Storage conditions: from +8 to +25 ° C.

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