Antibacterial cleaner for air conditioners ARGITOS

The natural preparation is intended for disinfecting the passenger compartment and the ventilation system of a car, domestic air conditioners, removing odors, and preventing bacterial infections.

The drug is developed on the basis of nanosilver, which effectively destroys viruses harmful to health (including legionellosis), bacteria, fungi, mold - the cause of diseases and unpleasant odors.

Hypoallergenic, colorless and odorless.

Brand Name: ARGITOS
Volume: 150 ml
Reference: N15006

 • destroys bacteria, fungi, mold;
 • has an antibacterial effect;
 • eliminates unpleasant odor and its cause;
 • forms a bactericidal film on the treated surface;
 • prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions;
 • prolonged prolonged action;
 • restores the performance of the air conditioner;
 • economical consumption of the drug.


Turn off the air conditioner, remove and rinse the strainer under running water using a soft brush and detergents. Spray the product onto a strainer and air conditioning evaporator. After 10 minutes, install the filter in place and operate the air conditioner in the usual way.

Disinfect the interior (seats, lining, steering wheel, appliances, ventilation grilles) by spraying.

To maintain the antibacterial effect, regular use of the drug is recommended once every 2-3 months.

deionized water, silver.

Storage conditions:
from +2 to +50 ° C.

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