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Nanosfera Research and Production Enterprise is a leader in the field of nanobiotechnology and has a reputation as a reliable and time-tested manufacturer. Since 2010, we have been successfully developing, manufacturing and selling colloidal nanosilver, innovative disinfectants, antiseptics, medical cosmetics, personal care products and other drugs.

We offer distributors, pharmacy and retail chains contract manufacturing of disinfectants and antiseptics preparations, natural cosmetics and other products under your brand from concept development to the release of the finished product.
The advantages of cooperation with the company "NANOSPHERA" is an affordable wholesale price, production of products as soon as possible, the minimum batch of products is 1000 pcs.

The company helps in the development and manufacture of brand labels for customer products. < Our own scientific developments allow us to create an assortment of your products based on colloidal nanosilver and design them under our own brand, without investing in the acquisition of our own production.

When manufacturing products to order, we take into account We call in all the subtleties of your wishes, guarantee fulfillment of all obligations and produce a quality product.

In order to start production of products to order, you must first determine the type of product and formulate the idea of ​​the product itself, then a formulation is developed taking into account raw materials and the cost of the final product, then the future shape and consistency is formed.

The next step is to create a small batch of samples for testing and further adjustment by the customer. After the final revision and approval of the product, a batch is made to conduct tests in the microbiological laboratory and product certification. When all the checks are passed and the certificates are received, raw materials are purchased and production is launched in accordance with the approved sample.

We will realize your ideas.
The company's scientific laboratory and highly qualified specialists will realize your ideas in the final product.

You get high-quality products.
We have extensive manufacturing experience - we have been developing and manufacturing new products for over 8 years. High quality products with long lasting prolonged effect.

We will provide marketing support.
Development of packaging recommendations, design development, information on current market trends, recommendations on the assortment of goods, ready-made and non-standard solutions and much more - all this will be available to you by collaborating with us. We will help you create the best product, as you are equally interested in its success.

Competitive prices.
Own raw materials, production and storage facilities, long-term contracts with suppliers packaging allows us to set competitive prices for contracted products with the consistently high quality of our innovative products.

We provide logistic support.
Our customers are completely exempt from the need to store raw materials, containers labels all over action of the contract. All this is stored in our warehouse. We deliver finished products to the customer’s warehouse.

Contract manufacturing allows you to create custom-made products in accordance with your requirements and capabilities. Thanks to our latest technologies and a quality control system, cooperation with our company will be a long-awaited success.

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We will be glad to cooperate!

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