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How to free the body from mushrooms

Mushrooms are the oldest, almost eternal substance.
It is very, very difficult to poison mushrooms from the human body. If the fungus has already settled, and, relatively speaking, has developed its mycelium, then quite complex problems arise.

Mushrooms are different. There are supposedly noble mushrooms, there are lower mushrooms (called mold). Mushrooms have a lot of brands, a lot of names, more than 50 species. There are low-toxic mushrooms, there are forest mushrooms, there are lower ones, and higher ones. A whole class of higher mushrooms is Chinese cordyceps, racket.

What is the meaning of the mushroom?

The point is that he has a genetic code and this is not an isolated individual, but an individual that lives in colonies. Moreover, between these colonies there is an exact interconnection of segments. That is, each fungal element is associated with other fungal elements by thousands of segment links.
If we want our body to be free of mushrooms, the only thing we can do is not give it food. Because if in our body there is enough food for mushrooms, then they will be in it. For example, bread lies in a breadbox. Mold formed on it. If you remove the bread and leave the mold, then gradually this mold will die. Because she will have nothing to eat. It will dry, not multiply, because for reproduction it needs nutrients. Mold mainly feeds on protein products because it needs amino acids.

For example, we take flour, add sugar, butter - energy, add water, add yeast - this is a special kind of mold - bread mold. Then we give this mold a temperature of 37, then give it special humidity and oxygen. And then it begins to multiply, to be reanimated. Moreover, before that she was lying in the refrigerator at a temperature of -18. Or lay dry for another 10 years. Her germination capacity will decrease slightly, but slightly, she will still sprout. Killing mold, even if you overcook the bread, is impossible. Because if you throw the crackers overcooked into kvass, the kvass will be seething. This suggests that as soon as it enters the protein - carbohydrate environment, it begins to multiply.

Everything that is yeast, for us carries a certain mold danger. Because the types of mold, they are all friendly, that is, this is its own class. And where one mold lives, another, third can live.

One of the most pathogenic varieties of mold for us is candida.

But there are more, much more harmful molds, such as aspirgirus, black mold, and mucurusumusus.
Mold is a unifying word, in fact, each fungus is different.
Nail fungi are not the same as candida.

Some fungi affect the lymph nodes in the groin, others under the breast, others affect the nail plate and live only on the nails.
Some only affect the mucous membranes and live in the mouth, in the form of candidiasis and stomatitis, or in the vagina in the form of candidiasis and vaginitis.
Some fungi affect the skin and live on the skin in the form of cracks, psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, but everywhere it’s a class of mushrooms.

How do mushrooms get into the body?

Mushrooms enter the body:
• with spoiled food,
• with water,
• from the air,
• with old dusty things.

It is very true that if apricot or grapes are moldy, then they should not be eaten. But if there is mold in the box, then it is on all fruits.
Our body has a good factor - this is the concentration of gastric juice, which suppresses this mold, and, in theory, it should not penetrate through the gastrointestinal tract.

Mold can invade us through the skin. Wherever we bathe, where we walk barefoot, wherever there are conditions for it, that is, humidity, temperature, organic residues (for example, dirt or human fat) - there is food for mold.
How does the fungus penetrate between the toes? It does not leak through intact skin, it does not even magnetize to it. But if the skin has microtrauma: scratches, diaper rash, damage to the skin, then the fungus instantly clings there. And as soon as he passes the skin barrier, he takes root.

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