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Nanosfera Research and Production Enterprise is a leader in the field of nanobiotechnology and has a reputation as a reliable and time-tested manufacturer. Since 2010, we have been successfully developing, manufacturing and selling colloidal nanosilver, innovative disinfectants, antiseptics, medical cosmetics, personal hygiene products and other preparations under the ARGITOS trademark.

The main priorities in our activities are continuous development and expansion assortment, the implementation of current market ideas and the production of new goods. The competence and professionalism of the company's specialists, well-thought-out pricing policy are a reliable basis for mutually beneficial and promising cooperation with partners. We give priority to the quality of our products.

Close relations with enterprises allow us to understand the needs of the modern market in the production of various new generation products with biocidal (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antifouling) properties.

Our experts are ready to provide information on the use of colloidal nanosilver, advise in the areas of interest, provide a flexible pricing policy, discounts on experienced product development, procurement ku trial runs, to provide samples for drug testing in laboratories. Using our products will help you optimize costs in the production of competitive innovative products.

Nanosfera Research and Production Enterprise is a dynamically developing company.

We invite manufacturers to collaborate to produce their own innovative products with nanosilver, distributors and trading companies for the sale of ARGITOS products.

We value each client and try to ensure that the cooperation is mutually beneficial and reliable.

The time has come for a new real Nost!

Company details:

Nanosphere Scientific-Production Enterprise LLC

Legal address: 12 Starovolynskaya Street, Moscow, 119501, Russia, building 1, floor 1 room IX office 2B
TIN 7736669731, KPP 772901001, OGRN 1147746017737
ALFA-BANK JSC , TIN 7728168971, OGRN 1027700067328
Settlement account 40702810802870000514
Correspondent account 30101810200000000593
BIC 044525593
Tel. slave: +7 (495) 544-46-48,
Tel. mob: +7 (910) 416-14-41 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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